Uni-K Gmbh is a Berlin based agency with more than 25 years experience in a variety of business fields dealing mostly in B2B services. Being at the heart of the tech revolution in Germany and with a long experience in operations and execution Uni-k takes on the mission of including cutting edge technologies through its global network of partners to add a little magic and create tailor made and personalized solution to meet every clients need. uni-k relies on a strong network of partners to bring unique visions to reality.


After many successful projects in the field of real estate from development to design and operations we now bring cutting edge technology to the business by operating in not only the develpment but the imagination of how it could be like through 3D IMMERSIVE EXPERIENCE through real-life 3d scanning, virtual tours, interior design immersive experience

Digital Solutions

Informing & entertaining your customers using interactive applications and content that showcase your products and services intuitively.

We design, develop, and go through multiple iterations to attain a satisfactory solution that best serves your needs.

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 A picture is worth a thousand words; and an interactive installation that captures the audience is worth a million. UNI-K being a creative agency that specializes in customized exhibition solutions. Combining the latest software, media and hardware to form complete set ups for the holographic display, interactive projections ( motion gestures and touch interactivity  ) and our unique beacon events interactions and analytics systems to bring you the most accurate insights for your events success.

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