Application Development

Media Production

Our media production services provides support for Holographic media, magic box 3D modeling & animation, VR and AR presentations.

BLE Technology

Building the revolutionary Bluetooth beacons to use it to reinvent the applications of proximity marketing tools with cloud storage and computing

Application Development 



Our app developers deliver bespoke enterprise applications that address your business needs, and marketing strategies. The wide range of customizable interactive apps allows you to showcase your products and services in an unmatched unique way, which will increase your brand awareness and raise the appeal for potential customers.



Showcasing the different apartment designs while being fully furnished with realistic lighting. The design will include multiple camera bookmarks and different view modes (top, isometric, walk-through) to make the user get a sense of the apartment and be able to interact with it.


The online content management system allows you to control what is being displayed on multiple SmartSheet units in real-time, sparing you the hassle of manually scheduling the content. Through a cloud hosted admin platform, you can remotely control and schedule content and layouts dynamically across multiple displays.


Our expertise

Web/Desktop Software Applications

We develop highly engaging custom applications that adapt to your use case. 
Informing & entertaining your customers using interactive applications that showcase your products and services intuitively. We design, develop and go through multiple iterations to attain a satisfactory solution that serves your needs.

3D Interactive Software Engines

Where any object’s 3D model can be displayed on demand and rotated constantly, with optional informative text appearing to the side (informative text should be supplied). The application needs as an input the 3D models in .obj and .mtl format which are properly assigned.




Media production



3D animations and digital effects have become a must in today’s advertising.

From architecture, to automobiles, to biotech, 3D rendering is the ultimate way to visualize your concepts and transform them into reality.



Our motion graphics team designs and delivers highly engaging storytelling and animated content that promotes your values magically to the target audience.

From ideation, to creation, we’ve got covered

3d Modeling

3d Modeling

We offer 3D design and modeling services that bring your products to life. Our dedicated 3D artists are capable of creating realistic models of your existing or  upcoming projects.

If you can imagine it, we can do it!

bLe proximity marking 


Increase Engagement

Engage Visitors & Customers near & in-store

Increase Knowledge

Understand visitors better to maximise your investment


Increase ROI

Earn incremental revenues using proximity marketing


With real-time access to detailed performance metrics, retailers, brands, advertisers, and publishers can quickly assess campaign effectiveness and modify to optimize results. Monitor individual sections of the store.

Use Our selected analysis platform tools to see how your campaigns impact on store traffic and asses the best times of day for optimal success. Monitor heat maps and dwell time data for potential store layout issues, to flag popular items and discover trends.

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