land hunting

One of our strongest sections is finding the right properties to devolpe  . Through personal connections and knowledge of the market we always have the right property for you

Construction consultancy

Through a network of builders and construction companies, we provide our clients with full overview of building planning, execution and cost to find the perfect match for the project


Permit application

We provide permit application and extraction for developments services using our experience in the requirement to fulfill a successful permit granting procedure

Development research

One of our unique services is development research for building concepts and social building opportunities  to make a social impact while investing safely in long term stable properties

Capital mediation

The sellers trust us and the buyers know us; we mediate in property purchase deals to provide the insured and satisfactory results for all parties


Contract and agreements management throurght years of experience we reached the perfect formula to make a legal agreement that suits all parties with the help of our legal parties we achieve the terms to fulfill every project needs

presenting the future of real-estate technology


we create 3d animated designs of exsisting properties and projects using the cutting edge technologies




Do you have an events venue, exclusive property or prime realestate that you want to show the world, we provide you with the perfect solution to scan and create a 3d immersive tour that is available online to view from anywhere.

3D Interior design

Turn your interior design operation into a interactive process where we turn your 2D floor plans into customization 3D models that can be modified to show you the visualization of your property coming to reality. 

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